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180 bpmHellner Merino Baselayer Pant Women

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Together with Marcus Hellner, a Swedish star in cross-country skiing, 180 BPM has developed a collection that offers functional clothing and equipment for training. Hellner Merino Baselayer Pant Women are base-layer pants for women, made of soft and warming merino wool. The wool regulates your body temperature, warming you up if you're cold, and cooling you down if you're too hot, even if the fabric is wet. It is also naturally odour resistant which makes these pants perfect for excercising and everyday use all year round. Fabric: 100% mulesing free merino wool
Specifications for Hellner Merino Baselayer Pant Women:
Weight of material: 180 g/m2
Material: Merino wool
Zipper: Non
Flatlock seams: Yes
Fly: No
Sometimes it’s difficult to leave comfort behind. So it helps to put on something that performs at its best when things feel at their worst. 180 BPM is a Swedish clothing brand that develops apparel for tough outdoor training. Clothes that care about you, not your feelings. This sportswear makes it possible to train all year round – with these clothes, there’ll be no more excuses!

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