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Trailrun Comp Socks 2-pack is an affordable package prize for two pair of Trailrun Compression Socks from 180BPM. This is high running socks with graduated compression to give your calves support during long runs on the trails. Comfortable cuff keeps the Trailrun Compression Socks in place right under the knee. Instep Protector reduces the discomfort of friction on the upper foot. Specific weaving texture and thicker material buffers from impact at toes, wrist, heel and achilles tendon. Graduated compression and ventilation design provide great comfort and improved performance. Tight and nice fit around the wrist and calf. Improves blood circulation, shortens recovery times and offer a nice support when you run.
Level of compression: 20-30 mmHg.
Designed in Sweden.

Material: 40% nylon, 35% Coolmax, 25% lycra
Specifications for Trailrun Comp Socks 2-pack:
Sock height: High
Reinforced shin protection: Yes
Compression: Yes
Marked left/right: Yes
Material: Synthetic
Sometimes it’s difficult to leave comfort behind. So it helps to put on something that performs at its best when things feel at their worst. 180 BPM is a Swedish clothing brand that develops apparel for tough outdoor training. Clothes that care about you, not your feelings. This sportswear makes it possible to train all year round – with these clothes, there’ll be no more excuses!

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