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ProTac Hunter from Peltor is an ear protector with listening in a narrower model suitable for hunting. Your hunting radio or mobile can be connected for listening via the 3.5 mm stereo input on the covers, so you are fully communicable at all times. The microphones captures ambient sounds with great accuracy and the sound is analyzed quickly by the built-in electronics before it reaches the ear. Weak sounds can be amplified almost three times your normal hearing (+ 8 dB) so you can better hear animals approaching and hear your dog barking at a distance. The sound is reproduced in stereo so you retain your ability to determine which direction the sound comes from.
Specifications for ProTac Hunter :
Model: Over-ear
Bluetooth: No
Weight: 303 g
3M is a world leader in providing hearing protection and communication solutions for use in hazardous and noisy environments. By focusing on function and design, they have created advanced and comfortable hearing protection that is appealing to use.

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