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AclimaLightWool Reinforced Crew Neck Men

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LightWool Reinforced Crew Neck from Aclima is a long-sleeved sweater with a round neck. The sweater insulates well together with a midlayer when it is cold or just by itself in warmer weather. It is well suited for activities with high intensity such as skiing, hiking, cycling and running. The sweater is reinforced with two layers of fabric on the shoulders and elbows for extra durability and comfort. Men's sizes.
LightWool is soft and lightweight woolen clothing specially designed for warmer days. Did you know that the wool has a cooling effect when it is hot outside? Wool insulates against heat from the outside and therefore works cold on days with higher temperature. These are clothes that breathe and regulate the body temperature after activity, made in 100% merino wool and it does not itch. LightWool is perfect for long journeys, wool is naturally odor resistant, so you can only dry and air the garment, so it's ready to use.

100% Merino Wool.
Specifications for LightWool Reinforced Crew Neck Men:
Material: Merino wool
Zipper: Non
Flatlock seams: Yes
Aclima manufactures primarily sportswear with function as the first pririty. The Aclima underwear range includes several series: Lightwool is the thinnest and is made of 100% merino wool. The most popular series is Warmwool, whereas Hotwool offers the thickest and warmest material. Moreover Aclima produces one serie of underwear in mesh fabric – Woolnet. Aclima products are characterized by functionality and durability, which is why they are used by the Norwegian and Swedish armed forces. Aclima have specialized them selves in wool underwear. Merino wool provides the best comfort in most weather -and temperature conditions and during most activities. As you may already know, the wool has a unique ability to keep you warm even if you getting wet. With Aclimas product range, they have created comfortable and durable products that provide the best breathability. Function has always been the first priority for Aclima, but they are also interested in your experience using their garments. Aclima are located in Krøderen, Buskerud right next Norefjell. This is a fantastic area for product development and to test their products in both summer and winter. Aclimas focus ranging from children in kindergarten to flame-retardant and insulating base layer to the Armed Forces. Aclima collection covers outdoor activities for all year round with underwear, mid layer, socks and hats so that you and your family feel well when during your outdoor activity.

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    Miljö: Det finns inga kemikalier i ullen. Det används dock kemikalier när tygerna bleks och färgas. På blekningen är det dålig kontroll. Barnplaggen är tillverkade i 100% mulesing-fri merinoull med Öko-Tex class 1, som innebär att dom är helt giftfria och kan användas av bebisar. Vissa av vuxenplaggen som innehåller polyamid/polyester har Öko-Tex class 2, och är därmed godkända som barnplagg. Öko Tex är en märkning som garanterar att tyget inte innehåller miljöfarliga ämnen.

    Återvinning: Alla förpackningar är Grön Punkt-certificierade och både giftfria och återvinningsbara.

    Djur: Alla merinoull är garanterat mulesing-fri, oavsett vilket land den kommer från.

    Etik: I fabriken i Estland arbetar vuxna kvinnor och män med textil utbildning, alltså inga barnarbetare. Tyget stickas i Herning i Danmark och är Öko-Tex miljöklassat.

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