Ally makes foldable canoes. Easy to transport and to store. And of course really nice to paddle. There are different models for one person to whole familes and for use on flat water or white water and expeditions.


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ALLY has an interlocking framework of tubular aluminum stays and ribs held together with spring loaded shock-cords making the canoe easy and quickly to assemble.

At the bottom, between the framework and the reinforced PVC skin, there is a closed cell foam mat that insulates, provides flotation, and provides the added safety of a double bottom. At the same time it provides shock absorbency from impact from items under water.

The canoe’s flexibility allows it to ride over waves rather than crash into them. Its flexibility also makes encounters with underwater rocks a much less harrowing experience than when riding in a canoe of fiberglass.
The reinforced skin is sewn and welded to achieve extrastrength. The anatomic seats position may be adjusted to trim the canoe.

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