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Arctic TernPowerbank 20.000

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Powerbank 20.000 is a powerful powerbank from Arctic Tern with four USB ports that makes it possible to charge several units at the same time. Output
USB 1 & USB 2: 5V/2.4A
USB 3 & USB 4: 5V/1A

It takes 2-2,5 hours to charge a smartphone with 4000 mAh battery in USB 1 or 2 output.

Input: 5V/2A
Specifications for Powerbank 20.000:
Built-in battery: Yes
Output: USB
Dimensions Length x Width x Height: 157.5x76.5x18.6 mm
Weight: 367 g
Battery capacity: 20000 mAh
Battery type: Li Po
Output: 5 v
Arctic Tern is a brand for travellers and commuters. Here you will find equipment for smarter trips and adventures.  Arctic Tern – Travel Essentials are sold exclusively at Outnorth.

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