With more than 230 years of experience in the fine art of shoemaking, and with the knowledge Birkenstock have gathered in the traditional way from one generation to the next, they can guarantee to you that their shoes exhibit the finest workmanship and are of the utmost quality.


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Birkenstock represents not only top-end products manufactured with close attention to detail and a high proportion of manual work; there are many other positive factors involved in their company which emerge not least in the quality of their brand. Ecofriendly production and the use of select, high-grade and therefore long-lasting materials all helps to protect nature's environment. Birkenstock's workforce is committed and highly motivated, which is part of what satisfies their customers throughout the world. By maintaining a total of ten locations in Germany and continuously developing their production processes, they also support Germany as a location for their operations. Birkenstock products are, and will remain – from the buckles all the way to the sole.

Of course Birkenstock moves with the times. They are continuously developing their products in order to keep pace with their customers` high standards. New manufacturing processes aided by the latest technologies and the development of new materials and attractive models all form the foundation for this. In this way they will be able to offer you unique quality and unmatched comfort, walking and standing, today and tomorrow – you can rely on it.

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