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If you are serious about your sport, you are serious about your vision. Vision Nordic Light from Bliz is a model so customizable that you can make it your - only yours. Vision is technically advanced with light weight and Jawbone technology. Nose pad and temples are easily adjusted for unbeatable comfort. The big cylindrical lens has high optical quality, is unbreakable and maximises your field of view. Additionally, is has extraordinarily efficient ventilation. Vision is a perfect choice for cycling, skiing and other demanding multisports. A chance to get 100% optimal vision suited to your personal conditions! Lens properties: Vision Nordic Light is equipped with a Nordic Light™ lens. A high tech lens which considerably enhances the contrasts and colors, giving you clear and crisp vision in low light conditions and flat light. The lens removes the blurry colors between the blue and green, and between the green and the red wave-lenghts. These selected colors are blocked by the Nordic Light lens, resulting in a noticable improvement in contrasts and sharpness, even during the toughest weather conditions.

Model - Filter Category (VLT%) - Extra Jawbone
Black/NL Begonia - Violet Blue - 2 (22%) - Black
Black/NL Coral - Orange Blue - 1 (49%) - Black
Specifications for Vision Nordic Light:
Photocromic lens: No
Replaceable lens: Yes
Replacement lens included: No
Light transmission: 22-49 %
Polarized: No
Bliz offer fine sport glasses and goggles, for you who work out or like to enjoy snow and slopes. Plenty of bang-for-the-buck!

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