2L Midweight Merino Wool Headband - ID: A071323

Buff2L Midweight Merino Wool Headband

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Feel the softness and the natural touch of a double layer headband made exclusively of 100% Merino wool. The 2L Midweight Merino Wool Headband from Buff is designed with nature and the environment in mind, the result is a versatile, eco-friendly and extremely comfortable and light headband. Unisex. Fabric: 100% Merino Wool.
Specifications for 2L Midweight Merino Wool Headband:
Material: Merino wool
Membrane: No
Windproof: No
The story behind BUFF: Around 1991, Joan Rojas (already a passionate motorcyclist) fell in love with the feeling of freedom he had when he cycled around the roads of Igualada. It was then that he realized that his neck warmer was not enough to keep the cold away and at the same time be comfortable to wear. The day came when Joan decided he wanted to create exactly what he needed. Day after day, he worked at his family's textile factory in Igualada to draw, think and hunt for the product he needed. And then one day it was finished, a seamless tubular garment made of microfiber.

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