We are moving to Gothenburg!

In recent years, we have had fantastic growth, both in Sweden and internationally. To be able to meet our customers' expectations for fast and smooth deliveries also in the future, we need larger and more adapted premises.

Now that we are moving anyway, we’re taking the opportunity to choose the most strategic location for our business.

The new warehouse premises, located in Hisingen Logistikpark in Gothenburg, will be more than twice as large as our current warehouse in Växjö, with a full 19,000 square meters. The area is ranked as one of Sweden's best logistics locations with proximity to the Nordic region's largest port center, the Port of Gothenburg, where many of Outnorth's deliveries and transports pass daily.


“It is of course sad that Outnorth's logistics center will not remain in Växjö. But we look forward to the possibilities with our new logistics setup in Gothenburg. We will double our warehouse area and at the same time install automation (AutoStore). This will give Outnorth additional capacity to secure efficient deliveries to our customers, so we can always keep our customer promise.”

“At the same time, we will have greater flexibility regarding the customer's delivery options, where we will be able to offer an optimized and wider selection. We’re investing in the future and in a flexible and secure delivery to our customers,” says Henrik Søndergaard, COO for Outnorth.


In addition to better handling and increased capacity, we have also decided to invest in solar panels that are to be installed on the warehouse's roof. This is part of our sustainability work and means that we will supply fossil-free electricity with low climate emissions to the Swedish electricity system.

The system is 254 kW and we expect to be able to use about 165,000 kWh ourselves and then resell about 52,000 kWh. Due to the fact that the electricity we produce with the solar panels can not be stored, we have been given the opportunity to pass on what we do not use on the electricity grid instead. We’re hoping that by doing so, we will be able to cover about 30% of our electricity needs. We will purchase the remaining power from Tranås Energi, which is marked with the environmental label "Bra Miljöval". This is so-called "homemade electricity" which is also certified by the environmental organization Älvräddarna.

“The warehouse move is a big and important step for us at Outnorth. In Gothenburg, we will have optimal opportunities to further improve and invest in logistics and warehousing, and thereby also improve our deliveries to all our customers in the Nordic region and Europe,” says Harald Ennen, CEO of Outnorth.

The move into the new premises is expected to take place in April this year.

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