Choose the right baselayer - from Craft

Fall is the high season for warm and comfortable underwear. There are many different types of underwear, for example synthetic or wool underwear. There are big differences in the materials and their properties.

Are you unsure what is best for a hike in the forest or another activity? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, because we are all different and have our own personal preferences. Craft, on the other hand, is a specialist in underwear, and their collections are designed for top athletes around the world.


DRY is Craft's super-efficient underwear collection made of synthetic fibers that keeps you dry during intensive training sessions in warm and cool temperatures. What many people don't know: It is always good to use functional underwear, even in warmer temperatures.

DRY is a very effective underwear that wicks moisture away from the skin quickly and keeps you dry during intense workouts. Best suited for intensive to very intensive workouts in warmer temperatures where you sweat a lot.

Core Dry Active Comfort

This is a soft and functional underwear collection that is made of partially recycled polyamide. The underwear is suitable for a variety of activities, from everyday training to alpine skiing, hiking and relaxing après ski. These versatile all-round garments are made from a high-tech material of recycled polyamide, polyester and polyamide that provides both warmth and efficient moisture wicking. The garments also have fewer seams and zone-specific design for optimal comfort and temperature regulation. If you want a single underwear layer for all your training, this is it – an excellent choice for most types of medium-intensity activities.


WARM is designed for activities in cold temperatures. This baselayer is made of high quality synthetic fibers that keep you both dry and warm, whether you are aiming for a new personal best on your running lap, or taking a more relaxed hike.

WARM is slightly more robust than DRY, but still a very functional baselayer that keeps you warm and dry in the cold. Suitable for low, medium and high intensity activities.


The Craft WOOL collection is made of natural fibers and keeps you warm even in very cold temperatures. The garments are versatile and suitable for both intensive training and calmer everyday activities. Naturally fresh.

WOOL baselayers keeps you warm even when you're wet in really cold conditions, but offers slightly less moisture wicking than DRY and WARM. Well suited for lower intensity activities such as hiking.

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