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Buldre Woman Hoodie - ID: A029400

DevoldBuldre Woman Hoodie

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Buldre Woman Hoodie is a classic hoodie from Devold Breeze. Devold Breeze are extra light and soft garments from 100 % Merino wool. The garments have a cooling effect when they are warm and feel warm to the skin when the temperature drops. Because of its extra soft fibres, Breeze is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Buldre Woman Hoodie is recommended all year. Material: 100 % merino wool
Weight: 150g
 Superfine 17,5 mikron
Specifications for Buldre Woman Hoodie:
Material: Merino wool
Zipper: Non
Hood: Fixed
Windproof: No
Devold sports and leisure wear comprises a wide range of comfortable wool underwear, socks, headwear, various types of mid-layer garments and knitted sweaters. Devold of Norway is an independent company with a long and proud history. They have produced high-quality wool clothing since 1853 – in fact they are the oldest manufacturer of knitted garments in Norway. Their aim is the same today as when Ole Andreas Devold founded the company almost 160 years ago: to create comfortable, high-quality clothing that protects people against the elements

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