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A quality tent is the base for a successful hike or camping trip, and what we mean by a quality tent is often highly individual. Tents can be found in different standards, and when we’re talking about the correct standard, it’s not always the highest quality that is best for you. Picking the right tent is all about choosing something fitted for the area you are going camping in and what types of activities you have planned.

Camping in the mountains

If you are going camping in the mountains in summer, we recommend you to go for a lightweight tent with several guy-wires, to make the tent stable even in windy conditions. It is also important for the tent to have good ventilation and a mosquito net in the entrance. You will need a tent that will shelter you from both wind, rain and mosquitos.

For those who want to go camping in the mountains during winter, it is a good idea to go for a dome tent which can stand by itself, or a tunnel tent which is steadier and easier to put up in the snow compared to old-fasioned ridge tents. You could also invest in some extra long tent pegs, to really fasten the tent into the snow.

Our selection of tents

Outnorth sell tents from brands like Hilleberg, Helsport, Bergans, Fjällräven, GoLite, Primus and MSR, just to mention a few. We have sorted the tents as best we can and you can find all of our different tent categories in the side menu. Something all of our tents have in common is that they will hold for many years to come. If you have any questions about what tent you should choose for you and your next adventure, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

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