DC4 Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone - ID: A049667

FällknivenDC4 Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone

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To keep the sharpness of your knife steel is now this kominationsbryne, Fällkniven Diamond Ceramic Whetstone DC4.

Fällkniven Diamond Ceramic Whetstone DC4 is a combination waterstone in diamond and ceramic that can handle all your sharpening needs. DC4 is a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires. The advantage of these materials is that, although they get worn, will not form but remains flat. This is a great advantage when you sharpen a knife! And since diamond / ceramic is the hardest material we know of, they they will sharpen any steel, even powder steel. You do not need any water or oil, and do you know to clean your brow with warm water and liquid soap. Stones might feel coarse from the beginning but will become smoother / better after some use. Comes with a leather case.

Size: 32x100 mm

Fallkniven has been in the knife business for more than 25 years, and during that time acquired great knowledge of knives. Their products are designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to their needs and wishes. If you buy a knife from Fallkniven, you are guaranteed that it is safe, comfortable, sharp and strong for many years to come.

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