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FeuerhandFeuerhand 276 Zink

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Classic kerosene lantern from Feuerhand in well-known and traditional quality workmanship. Burner and wick are included.
A kerosene lamp lights up outdoors. Kerosene lantern gives off a pleasant warm light.
Fueled by kerosene.

Burn time 20 hours with a full tank, or about 60 hours on one liter.

Hang it outside the house, in the shelter or around the campfire.

Tank: 3,4 dl
Specifications for Feuerhand 276 Zink:
Max burn time: 20 h
Dimensions Length x Width x Height: l x b x 255 mm
Weight: 530 g
Fuel: Kerosene
Made in Germany since 1926, Feuerhand is a classic in the outdoor context. An original with a design that has been copied countless times, it draws to mind adventure and camping under the stars. Kerosene lanterns that are perfect around the campfire or in the cottage when night falls.

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