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Fenix® 6 Sapphire from Garmin is a first class sport watch with GPS, heart rate at wrist, pulse oximetry, speed guiding, route traction maps, music and much more. Add maps, music, intelligent speed guiding and much more to your workout with Fenix 6 Sapphire with GPS. This robust watch is design to be worn all day and give you advanced workout status, running- and bicycling dynamics and countings of VO2 Max of your surroundings.
  • PacePro™ speed strategy and incline customized guiding
  • Included TopoActive maps over Europe and over 2000 ski resorts maps all over the world
  • Heart rate at wrist
  • Smart notifications
  • Pulse oximetry sense
  • Garmin Pay™ cash free payment
  • Adaptable battery savings
  • Same durability and anti-scratch as sapphire glass
Specifications for Fenix 6 Sapphire:
GPS: Yes
Optical heart rate monitor: Yes
Heart rate band included: No
Garmin is more than designers and sellers of products. They embrace the lifestyle of their products. On the plane, during their workout, in the woods and behind the wheel. Always working with improving and adapting themselves and the products. Garmin finds logical and functional solutions when it comes to navigation. They have been focusing on innovation from the start and always had the costumers’ needs on their minds in order to optimize the products. Today Garmin is seen by many as the world leader in training watches and handheld GPS devices. An exciting development of what actually began as a brainstorming between engineers around a gambling table in 1989.

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