Garmin is a world-leading supplier of user-friendly products in GPS navigation. At Outnorth you will find a large selection of navigation equipment for all kinds of outdoor activities, sports and adventure contexts. Keep track of your running training through advanced data from a training watch or find your way on the mountain with GPS in various forms. Plan, analyze and share your achievements. With Garmin, you get security and safety in all your outdoor activities – enjoy the hike!


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Garmin is one of the most well-known brands in the market for activity watches and sports watches. The brand started in 1989 in Kansas, USA, with the goal of providing high-quality GPS technology to customers worldwide. Garmin has since developed and improved its products and launched several watches, including smartwatches, activity watches, sports watches and GPS watches.

Garmin activity watches are one of the most popular products from Garmin. It is a watch designed to measure and monitor different types of activities, such as running, cycling and swimming. With a Garmin activity watch, users can track their progress and see their training results in real time. Garmin smartwatches are also a very popular product that offers many different functions such as voice control, music player, maps and much more.

Garmin sports watches are designed to meet the needs of athletes and enthusiasts. With a Garmin sports watch, users can measure their performance, including heart rate, speed and distance. With a Garmin, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality technology and a product that will last a long time.

Garmin is known for its GPS watches that offer users a variety of features, including maps and navigation. These watches are especially useful for people who love outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing. With a Garmin GPS watch, users can track their position and navigate through unknown areas with ease.

Whether you're an athlete, adventurer, or simply want a reliable, high-quality watch, Garmin has something for you. With their wide range of products, you can find the perfect Garmin watch for your needs. With its focus on innovation and high-quality technology, Garmin is a leading player in the sports and activity watch market.

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