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Gloryfy G9 Radical Transformer Energi


    G9 Radical Transformer Energi - ID: A032223

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    The frameless structure of the gloryfy G9 Radical Black also guarantees 100% ventilation and absolute minimised weight. The high-tech lenses with power contrast, due to their colour, enhance contrast and true-colour vision and are unbeatable in any light situation. A laser engraving refines the unbreakable lens. The orange-colored Transformer energizer lenses switch from filter level 1 to filter level 2, depending on the light intensity. In this way, the best visibility and optimum protection of the eyes is guaranteed in both weak as well as in bright sunlight.

    • I-Flex® TRANSFORMER lens orange-energizer F1-F2: The lenses adjust perfectly to suit various light conditions from light to dark.
    • Unbreakable lenses (gloryfy I-Flex®)
    • Unbreakable frame (G-Flex®)
    • 100% optical quality
    • 100% UVA/UVB protection
    • Perfect wearing comfort
    • Lighter than current synthetic materials
    • Highly elastic even under extreme of temperatures
    • Power Contrast due to mass-tinted lenses for contrast-rich and colourfast vision
    • Memory Effect – the frame and lenses always return to their original shape
    • Antifog coating
    • Made in Austria / EU Patent
    • matt coated frame
    • Antiscratch coated unbreakable lenses
    • Also available with optical correction (get more informations at your optician)
    • 100% optical quality
    Specifications for G9 Radical Transformer Energi:
    Photocromic lens: Yes
    Replacement lens included: No
    Light transmission: 50-38 %
    Polarized: No
    Mirror lens: No
    Gloryfy produce unbreakable eyewear with highest possible optical quality on the market, all made in Zillertal, Austria. With its unique NBFX material the eyewear is unbreakable and with perfect optical qualities.

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