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The difference between a good tent, and the right tent can make or brake an adevnture. And to assist you in finding the right tent for your adventure we have put together a short guide.

In this guide we'll look at the thre most popular types of tents available; the tunnel tent, the dome tent and tipi-style tens. They all have their pros and cons and if you find yourself having further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

The Tunnel Tent
A tunnel-style tent has been, and still is, a favorite when it comes to on-foot-adventures. They are, generally, easy to set up, they come in a good variety of sizes and have a good space-to-weight-ratio. Some tunnel-tents have extra large vestibules, a nice feature when the weather turns foul. Most tunnel tents have separate flys and bodies that are linked via a suspension system, minimizing condensation inside the tent body. Tunnel tents are however not self-supporting and require ground stakes and guy lines in order to be set up.

Good space-to-weight-ratio
Easy to set up
Wind resistant when pitched properly

Not self-supporting
Somewhat lower static strength i.e. pressure from snow from above

The Dome Tent
Dome tents are a popular choice among climbers and kayakers since they are generally self-supporting (although some require ground stakes in order to be fully stretched out) and therefore are easier to pitch regardless of hard surfaces. A dome-design where the poles cross give excellent static strength. The dome tents are often comparably heavier than tunnel tents but make do with a smaller pitching-space.

Require smaller pitching-space
Good static strength

Higher space-to-weight-ratio
Small, or no vestibules.

The Tipi-Style Tents
The tipi-style tent is becoming a more and more popular model. They are easy to set up, can hold large groups and have more headroom than dome or tunnel tents. With tipi-style-tents that can accommodate a stove or open fire this tent-shape offers a superb year-round living space. Contrary to popular belief, the tipi-style tents are often very stable even in higher winds; the only drawback is usually the weight.

High comfort
Easy set-up

Can be very heavy

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