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Haglofs Combi is a general backpack/stool for hunting and fishing. Insulated seat. Rattle-free aluminium frame. Ammunition pocket. Two large side pockets holds 1 litre thermo bottles.Volume: appr 42 litres

450 denier polyester/ripstop fabric with "diamond structure". PU-coated in two steps for improved waterproofness and durability. Extremely rip-resistant in relation to its weight.

Water column: >1500 mm, Weight: 250 g/m²

Washing instructions: Hand washing is recommended because otherwise fixtures on the bag could come loose and catch in the washing machine. Wash with soap or a detergent without tensides (tensides remove the PU coating). Waterproof the backpack when needed with a waterproofing pray suitable for backpacks and tents. Follow the instructions on the bottle.
To dry : Hang up to dry
Storage: Clean out and dry after use. Store in a dry place.

Specifications for Combi:
Capacity: 42 L
Weight: 1890 g
Hip belt: No
Removable hip belt: No
Adjustable torso: No
Hydration system compatible: No
Hydration system included: No
Front opening: No
Bottom opening: No
Laptop compartment: No
Organiser: Yes
Integrated raincover: Yes
Top lid: Yes
Our founder Wiktor Haglöf was born and raised in the harsh Nordic climate. A place with stunning outdoor environment, but weather conditions that sometimes made it hard to enjoy it. That is why he in 1914 made his first backpack: to make the outdoors a little more enjoyable for everyone. Today the company he founded is a leading brand in outdoor clothing, footwear and hardware designed to inspire people to get out there.

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    "Haglöfs works with ‘long-lasting function’ products in direct contrast to ’fast fashion’. Our goal is to provide the best with as little an environmental impact as possible by reducing resource consumption, producing long-life products, ensuring proper working conditions and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. We are guided by the global goal for sustainable development (SDG’s).”

    Eva Mullins, Sustainability Manager, Haglöfs

    Environment: Products with greater durability are labelled with the “Take Care” label to make it easier for consumers to find even more sustainable alternatives. The goal is that 90% of Haglöfs products will be Take Care products by the year 2020; which means they are manufactured following the bluesign® approved material for recycled, eco-based raw material or produced with organic cotton or leather with a lower environmental impact from the Leather Working Group.  Most of the products are now Take Care products.

    Haglöfs works actively with environmental issues such as limiting micro-plastic emissions, finding alternative chemicals with less environmental impact and increased traceability both internally but also with external stakeholders like bluesign® or the micro-plastic consortium in the European Outdoor Group/EOG and a number of research projects. We aim to phase out fluorocarbon impregnation by 2020 and already over 80% of the collection is fluorocarbon free. Haglöfs does not use antibacterial agents in their clothing. Only organic cotton is used. We offset carbon dioxide for every business trip, and all our company cars are green vehicles.

    Animals: All our merino wool is mulesing-free. Haglöfs uses the exclusive Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down which also carries the bluesign® certification and is fluorocarbon free. The down is always a byproduct of meat production, and both live-plucking and force-feeding are strictly forbidden.  Haglöfs has a system for down products with a serial number that is sewn into all of the products to be able to track the down’s origin. Only leather from the Leather Working Group audited tanneries is guaranteed to have a lower environmental impact. Haglöfs is a fur-free company.

    Ethics: Every year Haglöfs personnel visit the production sites. Haglöffs also works with the Fair Weather Foundation (FWF) which carries out checks on the production sites and which requires constant improvement work, a constant pursuit of living wages (i.e. far more than minimum wages!) and the right to union membership.  The majority of the manufacturers have been checked by FWF, and the work is ongoing.
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