Repis Headband Unisex - ID: PL10454


HellnerRepis Headband Unisex

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Repis Headband Unisex from Hellner is a soft and quick-drying headband with effective moisture wicking at high-intensity workouts in cold weather. Silicone stripes in side to keep the headband safe in place. Fabric: 88% polyester, 12% elastane
Specifications for Repis Headband Unisex:
Signal Colour: No
Lining: No
Material: Polyester
Membrane: No
Ventilation: Yes
Windproof: No
Through his solid career, Marcus Hellner has shown that mental strength can take you far. Dress in a mindset that will take you past everyday excuses. A garment from us does not automatically increase your VO2-max, but we want to claim that you dress in garments that make you stand out and that make you do the job. – Garments that don't give a damn.

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