Svierkku Seamless Boxer Men's - ID: PL11043

HellnerSvierkku Seamless Boxer Men's

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Svierkku Seamless Boxer Men's from Hellner are soft and comfortable boxers for men. The boxers are structure knitted in a seamless design for better fit and to prevent chafing when you're active. Hellner logo on the waistline and internal washing instructions in a knitting instead of the traditional label.
Fabric: 88% polyamide, 4% polyester, 8% elastane
Specifications for Svierkku Seamless Boxer Men's:
Waist: Mid
Fit: Slim-fit
Material: Polyamide
Weight: 58 g
Compression: No
Flatlock seams: Yes
Through his solid career, Marcus Hellner has shown that mental strength can take you far. A garment from us does not automatically increase your VO2-max, but we want to claim that you dress in garments that make you stand out and that make you do the job. Dress in a mindset that will take you past everyday excuses! Talker or Doer - which one are you?

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