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Helsdon Hammock is a hammock tent from Helsdon Outdoors with a unique construction that conforms to the human body for maximum sleep comfort. Spreader bars and a double layer bottom with r.oom for any sleeping pad prevents the hammock from folding up around your body.

Helsdon Hammock only takes two minutes to set up and there is plenty of room for storage inside the hammock. The ventilated tent has an integrated bug net. By using any insulating sleeping pad you don't need an expensive under quilt during cold nights. During warm nights, you can open up the bug netted sides and windows. Helsdon Hammock will keep you safe, dry, warm and cool in all weathers and winds and regardless of roots, rocks, moisture or animals and you will wake up well rested for another adventurous day in the outdoors. 


100% Polyester
Specifications for Helsdon Hammock:
Suspension straps included: Yes
Outside dimensions (LengthxWidthx): 310 x 100 cm
Max. weight: 180 kg
Total weight: 2900 g
Main material: Polyester
Helsdon Outdoors was founded by the Canadian wilderness guide Dave Helsdon. Dave has invented and developed his unique hammock tent for more than 25 years. Heldson's goal is to make it possible for everyone to experience nature's wildlife beauty by providing a hammock that keeps you dry, warm, cool and safe in all circumstances.

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