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ICANIWILLClassic High Waist Tights Women's

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Classic High Waist Tights Women's are training tights from ICANIWILL that are designed to be to be your cornerstone when you are building your outfit. Small logos, beautiful colors, great fit and wonderful fabric are the key words. The fit ensures that the tights stay in place and the Greek soft quality fabric follows your movements without a hustle and keeps everything in place without hugging it to much. Classic tights are suitable for all types of workouts.
  • The model is 174 cm tall and is wearing size S.
  • ICIW drawstring at the waist
  • ICIW print on left hip
  • Squat proof
  • Fabric: 77% Polyamide 23% Elastane

Specifications for Classic High Waist Tights Women's:
Leg length: Full Length
Main material: Polyamide
Stretch: Yes
Compression: No
Storage pocket: No
The story of ICANIWILL started with a simple post-it note. When the founder, Gustaf Ollas, put it up on his mirror in the bathroom in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2009 he had no clue that it was the start of a long and successful journey ICANIWILL is a simple mantra, a challenge for yourself and the rest of the world. I can do it and I will do it. The foundation of the business idea was that Gustaf noticed that there were surprisingly few businesses and brands to choose from when looking for workout clothes for the fitness and crossfit world. He quickly realised that there was great potentioal and several opportunities here. In 2014 he moved to the company's first office and received their first shipping of 100 tights - which sold out quickly. 100 tights quickly became 100 more and the spread on social media, combigned with a design that stood out, really accelerated the business.


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