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IcebugIvalo3 Women's Bugrip

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Icebug makes shoes with the world's best grip, raises the bar for sustainability in the industry and makes it easier for everyone to get out into nature. Ivalo3 Women's Bugrip® from Icebug is a comfortable studded winter shoe and a further development of one of Icebug's best sellers. Durable and hardwearing material choices, better visibility and increased comfort in an already light, warm and comfortable boot. 16 steel studs provide grip on icy streets.
One of Icebug's most popular models. Ivalo3 BUGrip® is light, warm and fits most feet. The long zipper at the front makes it easy to get in and out of and the water-repellent top keeps your
feet dry longer. The top is updated to a combination of
suede and RipStop nylon, making it easy to keep clean and stylish at the same time as it will age with dignity. Ivalo3 BUGrip® has also been updated with
reflective details, for increased visibility, and Icebugs new comfortable insole of the durable material BLOOM® algae foam and recycled felted wool from Woolpower. The the last update is in the mudguard which has a new design to give additional protection and make sure the shoe lasts longer. The dynamic studs of carbide steel ensures that you can withstand the icy and slippery winter.
  • BUGrip® outsole with 16 dynamic carbide steel studs
  • Water-repellent top in suede and RipStop nylon
  • Great walking shoe
Specifications for Ivalo3 Women's Bugrip:
Removable insole: Yes
Outsole: Rubber
Lining: Synthetic
Outer material: Leather/Synthetic
The Icebug design really is an eye catcher. There is a clear identity in the colours and designs of the shoes that many people find appealing and which makes a pair of Icebug shoes easily recognisable when spotted in town.

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