Royal Viking Sensirod Combo Pl - ID: A036201

IfishRoyal Viking Sensirod Combo Pl

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Royal Viking Sensirod Combo Pl is a revolutionary Ice rod combined with the FL60 ice reel from Ifish which works just as well during the winter as the summer. Suitable for fishing both with a mormyska, minnows and spoons. Sensi Rods have a colored top, 7 loops, a hook holder, a cork handle and a reel attachment which can handle different reels.

Choose between Light, Medium and Hard. The difference is the action. Both the spinal strength and sensitivity at the top. Light is thus more sensitive and suitable for those who use Mormyska, while Medium and Hard are stiffer and more suitable for spoons and larger fish. 
With their roots in Scandinavia and many years experience Ifish supplies fishing equipment. Sweden and the Nordic countries offer unique possibilities for recreation and sport fishing and Ifish have drawn inspiration and ideas from the knowledge and tradition built during decades. They want their customers, preferably with a fishing rod in their hands, to be able to continue to experience what nature has to offer.

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