Kupilka 44 - ID: A041136

KupilkaKupilka 44

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KUPILKA 44 brings a little bit of luxury to outdoor dining moments. The plate has two handles to rest on your lap whilst eating. It goes perfectly with Kupilka cutlery and can also serve as a tray for your coffee set or soup bowl.
Specifications for Kupilka 44:
Volume: 0,44 L
Material: Plastic/Wood
Dimensions LengthxWidthxHeight: 28 x 18,6 x 30 cm
Weight: 286 g
With a KUPILKA you hold a piece of old and proud tradition in your hands. Your cup is made of 50% wood fibers and 50% plastic. KUPILKA means 'little cup', but the cups come in many sizes, even one big enough for that delicious soup!

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