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Compass R from Lumonite is a versatile headlamp with over 1200 measured lumens in the light laboratory, a range of 115 meters and unbeatable battery life. Compass R has a perfect combination of light image, weight, size, brightness and battery life while being easy to use. The headlamp is designed to be the best choice for running, hunting, skiing, work, horseback riding, cycling, camping and much more.
  • Made in one piece. CNC-turned aluminum body which gives an extremely durable construction.
  • Simple construction. No hinges, cords or joints = no loose parts that can break.
  • Easy USB charging. The battery does not need to be removed from the lamp when charging!
  • Magnet at the bottom of the lamp. Practical mounting on metal surfaces as a work lamp.
  • Very easy to pick out of the bracket and use as a loose flashlight.
  • High-performance Lumonite Compass R headlamp
  • Lumonite battery, 3500 mAh, li-ion
  • Lumonite SnapCharger USB Charging Cable
  • Lumonite Releasy ställning main exhibition
  • Lumonite Releasy headband for headrest
  • Lumonite Compass belt clips
  • Manual
Technical specification:
  • Battery: Lumonite custom battery, 3500 mAh, li-ion
  • LED: High Power LED
  • Maximum luminous flux (manufacturer): 1200 lm
  • Measured maximum luminous flux: 1238 lm
  • Measured maximum range: 115 m
  • Light cone: combination. Plenty of stray lights, wide hotspot for longer range.
  • Color temperature: Neutral white, 5500 k
  • Charging time: about 7 hours, from 0% to 100%
  • Enclosure class: IPX8 (waterproof down to 2 meters deep)
  • Weight:
    Lamp (without battery and headband): 52 g
    Lamp with battery (without headband): 101 g
  • Headlamp - Lamp, battery, headband (excl. Headband): 140 g
  • Headlamp - Lamp, battery, headband (incl. Headband): 162 g
  • Size: 106 x 21 x 33 mm
Specifications for Compass R:
Water protection: IPX8
Rechargable battery: Yes
Batteries included: Yes
Adjustable focus: Yes
Lumens: 1200 Lm
Max lenght: 115 m
The Finnish brand Lumonite develops and produces headlamps with top class quality and performance. The products are developed for circumstances that require top of the line performance output and reliability. High-end charging and connection solutions result in reliable and easy to use products. Lumonite’s lamps are used in sports and outdoor, but also in the industrial industry. The brands three pillars are fundamental for the design of Lumonite’s products: Performance Quality User-Friendly

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