Duke Pt 16; 100 mm - ID: A120224

MarkerDuke Pt 16; 100 mm

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Duke Pt 16; 100 mm from Marker is a binding as a skier who mainly rides lift-borne piste / off-piste. The binding works for both alpine and summit hiking, as the alpine part that sits in the front can be removed and then used only with the tech bindings for summit hiking. The toe part has the innovative RIDE & HIKE which enables a combination of the pin technology's advantages on summit hikes and the safety from the Royal family's freeride bindings.
  • Security rated
  • ISO certified from 4-12
  • Rear part with 16 mm elasticity
  • Save 300 grams by simply clicking off the toe part
  • Safe release function
Specifications for Duke Pt 16; 100 mm:
Width skistopper: 100
Weight:1150 g
DIN: 4 - 12
In 1952, skiing pioneer and innovator Hannes Marker founded the Marker ski binding company and introduced the first commercially successful releasable ski binding. The company of today manufactures besides alpine and touring bindings also helmets, goggles and protection.

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