Jester 16 Id (100mm) - ID: A074598

MarkerJester 16 Id (100mm)

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From its very beginning 10 years ago, the Marker Jester has ruled the mountain. The Jester 16 ID continues that heritage, from the highest peaks and steepest lines all the way to the park and pipe. With SOLE.ID, the Jester ID has the ability to accommodate both Alpine and Alpine Touring ski boot norms. All Marker Royal Family bindings feature Power Width Design, our signature toe and heel designs that make your skis perform at their best – so you can rule with confidence. Recommended for skis over 76mm.

Din/ISO Range

6.0 - 16.0

Skier's Weight

60+ kg

Stand height w/o ski

18/24 mm

  • Toe System: Triple Pivot Elite 2
  • AFD Gliding Plate: Stainless steel, hight adjustable
  • Step-in Heel: Inter Pivot 2

Specifications for Jester 16 Id (100mm):
Weight:1070 g
Skistopper: Yes
Width skistopper: 100
DIN: 16
In 1952, skiing pioneer and innovator Hannes Marker founded the Marker ski binding company and introduced the first commercially successful releasable ski binding. The company of today manufactures besides alpine and touring bindings also helmets, goggles and protection.

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