Men's Boots

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Here at Outnorth we offer a broad selection of men’s boots for different uses and in all price ranges. Among our boots you’ll find brands like Blundstone, Timberland and Viking.

Find the best boots for your needs

When shopping for new boots, it’s very important to find a pair that will fit all your needs. Think it over, what are you going to use your boots for? Are you looking for some shoes for everyday use when walking to work or in the city? Or do you need some stronger boots for outdoor living and hiking?

When you have a better image of what you need, it will be easier to find a pair perfect for you. Read the product descriptions for all boots, because here you can learn more about the boot’s characteristics and thus get an overview over what kind you should choose.

Our range of men’s boots

In our collection you’ll find boots made for any use. With all these different functions, you can wear them for long walks in wet weather and still stay warm, at the same time they can be both stylish and comfortable when walking to work. Depending on functions and materials, our shoes come in all price ranges and you can find everything from cheap casual boots to more expensive hunting boots for men.

Hiking boots

When you are out and about in nature, it’s very important to have good shoes. This is to avoid issues like annoying abrasions and sore feet. Think about choosing shoes fitted for your feet, but also for the hiking destinations you have in mind. It’s important to think about the weather, is the climate warm or cold? We offer both insulated and ventilated boots, with either higher or lower edges around the ankles. Take a look at our hiking boots here.

Hunting boots

Our hunting boots come in several different models and designs, with for example higher or lower edges around the ankle. At the same time it’s very important to find a model fit for your feet, as you will probably use the boots for a longer period of time without any possibility to take them off or change them. Take a look at our hunting boots here.

Casual boots

A pair of casual boots can be both stylish and comfortable, and it is a perfect complement to your wardrobe during spring, fall or winter. Choose between leather models or waterproof materials, either lightweight or solid boots. Take a look at our casual boots here.

Insulated boots

When the colder season of the year is on its way, you probably want something to keep your feet warm. We have several different models of insulated boots for men, perfect for fall and winter. We even have several alternative shoes made from waterproof materials, like Gore Tex, which will stand up against slush and wet weather. Take a look at all our insulated boots here.

Take care of your boots

In order to keep the quality and extend the lifespan of your boots, it is important to take care of them. We recommend impregnating your boots occasionally to make them more resistant to moisture, as well as conditioning your leather boots to keep the quality and stop them from drying out. You can find alternatives for impregnation and shoe care amongst our shoe accessories.

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