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    Cortina Tunika Long W - ID: A029099

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    Cortina Tunic Long W is not only a stylish women's shirt, it is also very comfortable thanks to the amazing properties of the merino wool. Merino wool is warm when it's cold and breathe when it's hot. Cortina Tunic Long W is a quick drying garment and will stay fresh for long.

    Cortina Tunika Long W is a
    classic womans shirt with a diagonal panel on chest and a fine stand-up collar.
    The great design makes Cortina Tunika Long W suitable not only for tours but
    also for everyday wear! The
    material mix of fine merino wool and Tencel® wood fibers cools naturally on hot
    days and keep you warm when it’s cold. The temperature regulating properties makes
    the Cortina Tunika Long W perfect for both summer
    and winter. Small items can easily be stored in the breast pocket and
    the two side pockets.

    Main material: 49 % virgin wool (merino) + 35 % lyocell + 16 % polyester

    Specifications for Cortina Tunika Long W:
    Material: Merino wool/Synthetic
    Closure: Short closure
    Number of pockets: 3
    Everything you’ll need up in the mountains from a company where everyone is dedicated to mountain sports (and of course a loving user of Ortovox products). Safe products as the key for lovely mountain experiences is the Ortovox philosophy.

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