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Dreamcatcher Single 10.0 Cm is a comfortable, self-inflating sleeping mat from Outwell that is ready to use in no time. The mat is 10cm thick so you won’t feel the cold or bumpy ground. A carry bag with shoulder strap makes it easy to store and move around. Sleeps one person.
  • Outwell AFC Valve for easy inflation and deflation
  • Wave-shaped foam for comfort and volume reduction
  • Horizontal air channels to reduce weight and pack size
  • Fast fit carrybag with shoulder strap for easy storage and portability
Specifications for Dreamcatcher Single 10.0 Cm:
Outside dimensions (LengthxWidthx): 195 x 63 cm
Fits: Winter (comfort rating below -25ºC)
Insulating material: Air/Synthetic
Packed dimensions (length x width x height): 66 x 17 cm
Weight: 2300 g
R-value: 6,7
Thickness: 10 cm
Outwell is part of the Danish consortium Oase Outdoors. Outwell’s focus is mainly on family tents and associated equipment. Ease of use and high quality are Outwell trademarks. The company’s products don’t target extreme expeditions, but are great for traditional and comfortable family camping.

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