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The six-person Green Castle tunneltent from Robens uses quality materials that reflect its technical heritage. The two bedrooms sit vis-à-vis with each other over the central living area. Side access is the norm, but one bedroom features rear access to the outer front door. Remove this inner for extra storage and living space, or roll back one inner to create space for socialising. Such versatility is perfect for groups, families and for when outdoor activities demand extra space.
  • Includes detachable 2/3 groundsheet for living area to front door
  • Includes two extra upright alloy poles to convert either outer door panel into a sheltered porch

Specifications for Green Castle:
Intended for number of people: 6
Total weight: 8700 g
Waterproof rating fly: 5000 mm
Waterproof rating floor: 10 000 mm
Outside dimensions (LengthxWidthxHeight): 460 x 235 x 155 cm
Inner tent dimensions: 150 x 215 cm
Packed dimensions: 58 x 23 cm
Dimensions vestibule, max (length x width x height): 120 x 235 x 155 cm
Number of entrances: 1
Number of vestibules: 1
Number of poles: 4 st
Fly material: Polyester
Thickness fly: 75 D
Floor material: Polyethylene
Thickness floor material: 75 D
Coating floor material: No
Inner tent material: Polyester
Thickness inner tent material: 68 D
Robens is part of Oase Outdoors, a family-run Danish parent company for three of Europe’s most successful camping brands. It also include Outwell and Easy Camp.

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