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Running Thin Low Cut are thin and low cut running socks from Seger. Product fabrics: 49% Coolmax®, 48% Polyamide, 4% Nanoglide, 1% Lycra®
Specifications for Running Thin Low Cut:
Sock height: Mid
Material: Synthetic
Gunnar Segerqvist was only 16 years old and yet determined to lead the brand Seger to victory (because that’s what the Swedish word means!). Knitting was traditionally rooted in Gunnar's home area, and so it was a natural choice to make a living this way. Therefore Gunnar cleared out the old wood shed of his parents, learned to operate a knitting machine and started manufacturing the socks that have made Seger popular.

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    Seger wants to leave as small footprints behind themselves as possible. High quality products, that lasts for long time, is a good start to a more sustainable world. Seger also do these things among others to become a better choice for Mother Nature: - EXP merino wool - Recyclable energy - Long lasting products - Ökotex/Blue Sign certified yarns - Made in Sweden
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