Men's Merino 150 Backpacker's Tee - ID: A030247

SmartwoolMen's Merino 150 Backpacker's Tee

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Men's Merino 150 Backpacker's Tee from Smartwool is ideal for you backpacking advanture. This anything-but-basic tee boasts all the temperature and moisture management benefits of no-stink Merino. It resists wrinkles, dries quickly and can be worn several times between washes. Made from our ultra-soft and durable Merino 150 fabric. Material: 87% Merino Wool, 13% Nylon Core
Specifications for Men's Merino 150 Backpacker's Tee:
Material: Merino wool/Synthetic
Zipper: No
SmartWool was born with comfortable performance in mind. The founders were New England ski instructors struggling to keep their feet warm. After trying a variety of materials, they rediscovered an age-old classic: wool. But while these socks may have been warm, they were itchy and shrank. So they worked on a process to make them soft and easy care. Smartwool was born!

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