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SmellWell Freshener Inserts is a natural 3-in-1 solution that effectively absorbs moisture, removes odors, and leaves a long-lasting fresh scent. Active XL Freshener Inserts are designed for tougher challenges, absorbing more moisture and odor, quicker. Use them in sneakers, boots gear or bags and experience a real difference! Unlike most products on the market that mask unwanted odors, SmellWell goes to the source of the problem by effectively absorbing moisture, so you can confidently pursue your active life. No moisture, no bacteria, no smell.
  • Absorbs odor and moisture and makes your stuff SmellWellTM.
  • 3X more effective compared to Active.
  • Swedish Innovation: Developed, designed and tested in Sweden.
  • Contains a proprietary blend of Moso bamboo charcoal and minerals that dehumidify and deodorize by trapping moisture, odor, pollutants and bacteria. Infused with a fresh scent.
  • Climate neutral, REACH certified for safety and environment and 100% non-toxic.
  • Freshener Inserts are malleable and fit everywhere, providing unlimited use areas.
  • Last for up to 6 months.
A Swedish brand with a mission to make your stuff SmellWell™, work better and last longer. SmellWell was founded in 2012 with the ambition to solve a global problem: stinky wear, gear and spaces. Together with scientist we set out to find an answer and we’re amazed by what we found: a natural, sustainable solution, that really works. Our products are today sold by leading retailers worldwide in over 6000 stores. We have developed our own formula and unlike most solutions on the market that only mask unwanted odors, we create care products that go to the source of the problem and are easy to use. When put to the test in tough conditions, our products quickly eliminate unwanted odors in footwear, sports gear, bags, apparel, closets and other spaces where odor and moisture can be problematic. We strive to provide greener and cleaner solutions that motivate consumers to reduce their impact on the environment and make it easy to care for wear and gear, so you can keep using your favorite pieces for years to come.

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