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Carbon Paddle from Urberg is a lightweight paddle made of 90% carbon.
  • 90% carbon
  • Blade area 625 cm²
  • Blade size 50x16 cm
  • Length 215-225 cm
  • Weight 660 g (+/- 30 g)
Specifications for Carbon Paddle:
Dismantlable: Yes
Material: Carbon
Area of use: Kayak
Length range: 215-225 cm
Total weight: 660 g
Adjustable length: Yes
Here in Scandinavia we have a long tradition of being outdoor enthusiasts. Being outside in nature and breathing the fresh air makes us feel good, recharges our batteries and fosters a sense of fellowship and uniformity. Many of us undoubtedly have warm memories of campfires with grilled sausages and marshmallows on a stick. Outdoor activities can be anything from a refreshing walk in the park to a great mountain adventure. The nature experience kick starts as soon as you step outside the door. At Urberg we want to supply fantastic gear perfectly suited for your adventures in nature. Our products represent sustainable outdoor recreation with a Scandinavian mindset, which means genuine quality, sustainability, down-to-earth and great value-for-money products. Urberg is also collaborating with 1% for the planet.

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