Compact Towel 75x130 cm - ID: A026831

UrbergCompact Towel 75x130 cm

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Compact Towel 75x130 cm from Urberg is the perfect towel for all your adventures and travels! It is incredibly compact and weighs six times less than a standard towel. It has fast absorption and dries four times faster than a cotton towel. It is delivered in a practical storage bag partly made of mesh.
Material: 85% polyester, 15% polyamide

URBERG® has comitted to donating 1% of the annual revenue to an approved non-profit organization. When choosing an URBERG® product, you to take an active part in preserving our blue planet. Read more about 1% for the Planet
Specifications for Compact Towel 75x130 cm:
Approximate Dimensions (l x w): 75x130 cm
Packed dimensions: 21,5x8 cm
Weight: 210 g
Here in Scandinavia we have a long tradition of being outdoor enthusiasts. Most of us has joined our parents, already when we were small children. We think it's important do take this tradition with us into the next generation. Being outside in nature and breathing the fresh air makes us feel good and it is a place where we're allowed to just be. Vi all hang out on the same terms and everyone can join, old and young. Urberg® deliever equipment and clothing fitted for nature's experiences for the whole family. Our products represent sustainable outdoor recreation with a Scandinavian mindset. This means good quality and great value-for-money products. Urberg is also collaborating with 1% for the planet.

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    URBERG® har förbundit sig att donera 1% av sin årliga omsättning till en välrenommerad miljövårdande organisation. Så, när du väljer en produkt från URBERG® tar även du en aktiv roll i bevarandet av vår fantastiska planet. Läs mer om 1% for the Planet  
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