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Sunglasses Exr Photocromic from Uswe are photocromic sunglasses with high end lenses and frame providing exceptionally low weight and high performance.
The EXR Photochromic shades makes you ride with shades in the open sun as well as in the shadows of the trees, without reducing your vision or bothering you with getting the glasses on and off. The photochromic lens adjusts to the sun and gets dark in sunlight and almost clear in darker conditions.
This lens is 10 times stronger than glass or plastic lenses. The Polycarbonate lenses are commonly described as “unbreakable” and “shatterproof”.

  • Frame: Glossy black TR 90.
  • UV protection: UV 400. The UV400 protection provides protection from UVA, UVB and UVC.
  • Nose pads: Adjustable nose pads for customized fit.
  • CE Standard: YES.
  • Extras included: Hard Case for protecting your glasses. Neoprene straps to secure them when in action.
Specifications for Sunglasses Exr Photocromic:
Photocromic lens: Yes
Replaceable lens: No
Replacement lens included: No
Lens classification (EN 1938): 0
Polarized: No
Mirror lens: No
USWE is a Swedish brand that makes back packs for training. They are made to be 100% bounce free from which the “No Dancing Monkey” technology was born. HOW TO PRONOUNCE USWE? [ you – swee ]

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