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Here at Outnorth we offer a broad selection of women’s shoes online, for all kinds of different uses, temperatures and situations. Among our women’s shoes you can find widely different brands, like Birkenstock, Haglöfs, Adidas and many more.

Women’s shoes for any situation

When you’re going to buy some new women’s shoes, the most important question is what are you going to use them for? There different demands for a pair of trail boots for hikes in the mountains, a couple of running shoes you use in terrain and some sandals from Birkenstock that you use for walking in the city.

Shoes for work

Think it over, will you use your shoes daily to and from work, or maybe even all day at work? If that’s the case, maybe comfort and style is important? Your shoes should breath and have good ventilation to stop you from sweating on your feet, if you have your shoes on inside at work all the time. We have both comfortable sneakers and stylish casual shoes for women, perfect to wear for work.

Maybe you like boots or wellingtons better? With our broad selection you should not have any issues finding comfortable shoes ffor work, not matter what style and price you are looking for.

Running and jogging shoes for women

It can be a challenge to find new running or jogging shoes. Since men’s and women’s feet are somewhat different, it is important that you, as a women, choose women’s shoes. Otherwise, comfort is the most important thing, your shoe has to fit your foot to make the most of your running. You should also remember that the foundation you plan want to run on has a huge effect on what shoes you should choose. Will you run mostly on asphalt roads? Or are you planning to rund in nature, for example trail running or terrain? In our broad selection you will find running shoes fitted for all types of foundations, just remember to read the product descriptions closely for every shoe. Make sure to use the correct socks for the most comfortable run – please take a look at our huge range of women’s training socks.

Take are of your women’s shoes like you should

Different types of shoes might need different care to hold for longer. Some need to be impregnated, other shoes might need an insole to better the comfort and a third pair could be equipped with grippers to make them usable year around. Take a look at our shoe accessories to find what you need for your shoes.

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