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Mutha Hubba NX from MSR is a freestanding backpacking tent with lightweight livability for three. Featuring a floorplan that offers each occupant easy access to doors and gear, the MSR® Mutha Hubba NX tent is the ideal tent for a minimalist trio backpacking deep into the Sierras in the heat of summer, or tackling the Appalachian Trail for an extended trip in the spring. The easy-to-assemble 3-person tent features a frame geometry that improves ventilation and interior headroom, two easy setup options, and the most livable accommodations for 3-season conditions.
Specifications for Mutha Hubba NX:
Intended for number of people: 3
Total weight: 2260 g
Waterproof rating fly: 1200 mm
Waterproof rating floor: 3000 mm
Outside dimensions (LengthxWidthxHeight): 365x172x112 cm
Inner tent dimensions: 213x172x112 cm
Packed dimensions: 53x17 cm
Dimensions vestibule, max (length x width x height): 76x172 cm
Dimensions vestibule 2 (length/width/height): 76x172 cm
Number of entrances: 2
Number of vestibules: 2
Fly material: Nylon
Thickness fly: 20 D
Coating outer tent material: Silicone/Polyurethane
Floor material: Nylon
Thickness floor material: 30 D
Coating floor material: Polyurethane
Inner tent material: Nylon/Polyamide
Thickness inner tent material: 20 D
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