PrimusPrimetech Pot Set 2.3l

Primetech Pot Set 2.3l - ID: A031458

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Looking for a camping stove that is good for both your wallet, your back, and the environment? Primetech Pot Set 2.3l is a very effective set of pots from Primus for the camping stove, They're suitable for hikers that want a lighter backpack and only want to wait a short period of time for the water to boil and want to enjoy more of nature. Thanks to an integrated heat exchanger on the bottom of the saucepan, the efficiency will increase by 50% compared to traditional pans. The PrimeTech pot is made of hard anodised aluminum, which has good heat distribution and does not rust. It also has a ceramic non-stick coating on the inside, which facilitates the cooking and cleaning. The second pot is made of hard anodised aluminum, with a traditional design without heat exchanger. Both of the pots are 2.3 liters, good for 2-5 people. A transparent lid in Tritan reg; with an integrated strainer and heat-resistant silicone handles which make it easier to take care of certain tasks such as pouring pasta water. The smart gripping tongs are as steady as a fixed handle and flexible as a conventional gripper and can be locked in the pan for easy and safe handling. Prime Tech pots work well with all of Primus's stoves.
  • A PrimeTech pot with a heat exchanger and non-stick coating.
  • Quick cooking time and low fuel consumption.
  • A hard anodised aluminum pan.
  • Self-locking tongs.
  • Enough for 2-5 people.
  • Optimised for all of our stoves.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
Specifications for Primetech Pot Set 2.3l:
Volume: 2300 L
Material: Anodised aluminium
Weight: 541 g
The first Primus stove was manufactured in 1892 by JV Svenson's Fotogenköksfabrik. The word Primus was for a long time a concept for all kerosene stoves produced, regardless of manufacturer. Today, more than a hundred years later, the brand Primus still stands for innovation and high quality.

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    "Vi blir jätteglada när våra produkter hamnar på Blocket! Då har man lyckats. Det är en form av recycling!"

    Erik Wirén, Säljare, Primus

    Miljö: Om man räknar på utsläpp är det bränslet som är utsläppsboven. Den energi som går åt till köket gör att vi gör bränsle-effektiva kök och kastruller. Nästa steg är materialet, och att göra produkter som är hållbara.
    Återvinning: Har ingen egen återvinning men alla förpackningar, metallen i behållarna och plasten är återvinningsbara. Är med i REPA. 

    Etik: Har ingen certifiering men det är på gång. Besöker själva fabrikerna för att kolla att allt är bra.
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