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Calazo Södra Bohuslän is a map over the southern part of the Bohuslän and the swedish west coast. Printed on both sides on durable Tyvek material. 
Calazo makes maps which is printed on the Tyvek material. A really lightweight and very durable plastic material. 
The Tyvek maps has greater strength, lighter weight and all-weather survivability. This one is perfect for kayaking and canoeing.
This map is in scale 1:50000 and covers the following areas: Hunnebostrand - Kungshamn - Lysekil - Uddevalla - Orust - Tjörn - Marstrand - Svartedalen.. The size is 70x100cm.
Specifications for Södra Bohuslän:
Dimensions Length x Width x Height: 700 x 1000 mm
Calazo förlag makes books and guides that are very inspiring. The maps are made of a highly durable material called Tyvek.

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