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Vandra Blekingeleden from Calazo förlag takes the hiker through majestic noble woods, past flowing fish-rich streams and out to the archipelago's rural idyll. Along the trail you can spend the night in a shelter or tent, with a forest star completely for yourself or on a lively camping if you so desire. In this book you will know everything you need for your trip, whether you plan to be out for the day or want to make a long walk. Blekingeleden's 15 stages are described with specially drawn maps and detailed information off rest and camp sites, communications, where you can find fresh water and lots of facts about nature and the sights along the way.

Release year: 2019
Specifications for Vandra Blekingeleden:
Language: Swedish
Edition: Hardcover
Total pages: 240
Calazo förlag makes books and guides that are very inspiring. The maps are made of a highly durable material called Tyvek.

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