Attractants Milled Anise 150g - ID: A060504

SmällAttractants Milled Anise 150g

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Attractants Milled Anise 150g from Smäll smells considerably less than the liquid products. You use it in the roller barrel and the feed spreader. Do not take it at both places at once but decide on one of them to begin with, and then expand the use if you feel like it. Expect that you can divide the contents of the bottle into at least five servings or more. Appropriate dosage is 1 tablespoon per 50 kilograms of food.
Specifications for Attractants Milled Anise 150g:
Weight: 150 g
Smäll's caliber range is mainly used as a feed improver. Combine it with the grain that you get the cheapest and you have a wild-type feed mix without increasing your feed costs.

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