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Spesial is a medium thickness and durable year-round wool sock by Ulvang. It has a terry sole for extra warmth and comfort. Excellent temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties make Spesial suitable for summer or winter activities. 
  • COMPOSITION: 60% Merino Wool, 38% Nylon, 2% Elastane
Specifications for Spesial:
Sock height: Mid
Marked left/right: No
Material: Wool/Synthetic
Functional, durable and responsibly made wool wear for all seasons and adventures. In 1995 the world's first Ulvang-products was released. Ulvang Spesial. The wool sock conquered the market and was the start of Ulvang's history. Wool was not a material that was used to the same extent as it is today, athletes and outdoor people used synthetic fibres or cotton. But at Ulvang they knew that wool was a much better material. Becuase in nature, it is nature's own materials that really count. They are proud to have lifted wool and to have contributed to the sustainability journey from synthetics to wool in sports and outdoor recreation.

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