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Gametech from 52bones is a built-in sports sole that comes in three ankle heights that provide optimal support and maximum cushioning. You easily adapt your sole to your hollow foot and the sports sole provides shock absorption for both heel and forefoot which makes the sole perfect for sports with a quick start and stop. Ideal sole for ball sports such as paddle, tennis, handball and basketball. The sole of the shoe prevents foot, knee and joint problems and also provides dynamic support for the ankle, which means that it provides stability during activity while allowing the foot to move naturally.
  • GameTech LOW is a sports sole for low arches and has a hollow foot support that is 28 mm high and adapted to provide support for low arches. A low arch means that the longitudinal arch (hollow foot) is sunken and needs support when you walk in shoes.
  • GameTech MID - has a hollow footrest that is 33 mm high and adapted to provide support and relieve medium or neutral arches.
  • GameTech HIGH is a sports sole for high arches that has a hollow foot support that is 38 mm high and adapted to provide support for high arches. A high arch can mean that the feet feel sore and tired.
52bones make soles with orthopedic foot support. 95% of the population has neutral or high arches and a supporting insole can make a great difference to prevent injuries and give a better posture.

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