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Emerge Mips from Giro is developed for those practitioners who place the highest demands on safety and function. Skilled park and freeriders have already realized that the price you pay to develop to the maximum is repeated slams. Spherical Mips is a further development of the existing Mips version and involves a unique solution: two shells of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) offer high shock absorption capacity of both small and large crashes. The inner shell moves spherically inside the outer shell and offers increased relative movement distance, which counteracts rotational force against the brain. The result is a super-comfortable fit with effective shock-absorbing ability and an impact-resistant outer shell. Emerge also offers a low profile and seamless fit between helmet and goggles. With the Strap Channel recess in the rear edge on the inside of the helmet, space is freed for the plastic buckles on the goggles, with reduced pressure on the head as a result. Ventilating openings ensure that the rider cools down, of which Stack Ventilation transports the excess heat away from the boiler so that the goggles are kept fog-free. Detachable ear pads and compatibility with audio systems from Outdoor Tech. Stash Fit system enables fine-tuning by changing the thickness of the included "foam bananas".
Specifications for Emerge Mips:
Gender: Unisex
Rotation protection: MIPS
Removable lining: Yes
Attachment for goggles: Yes
Adjustable: Yes
American manufacturer Giro produces some of the best protective gear you can find when having an active lifestyle. They're famous for their helmets, biking shoes and other great products.

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