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IcebreakerWomen's Siren Bikini

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Soft and gentle against your skin, Siren Bikini is a panty made from ultralight Bodyfit150 fabric. Material: 83% Merino wool, 12% Nylon, 5% Elastane
Specifications for Women's Siren Bikini:
Material: Merino wool/Synthetic
Weight of material: 150 g/m2
Weight: 32 g
Flatlock seams: Yes
Icebreaker specializes in merino wool, a pure natural product with several unique properties. Thanks to its delicate, thin, curly and long fibers, merino feels soft and smooth against the skin. The material provides an insulating layer of air that keeps you warm when it's cold and wet, and also is highly breathable which keeps you cool when it's hot. Merino wool effectively wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin. This fiber adapts to the temperature, allowing you to feel maximum comfort in any climate. Icebreaker's founder, Jeremy Moon, started Icebreaker in 1995. Right from the start, Jeremy knew he wanted to work with only the best quality merino wool that doesn't itch or smell. Icebreaker contracts its farmers in New Zealand, who farm the South Island high in the mountains. Here Icebreaker gets the finest, best quality of super fine merino. No refining processes are needed to obtain the natural and environmentally friendly product. Merino is a breed of domestic sheep kept primarily for wool production. Icebreaker's merino sheep provide the finest fiber with an extremely good stretch; they live up in the Southern Alps of the South Island at 2000 meters altitude. There they roam freely all year round on large patches of land. Icebreaker is the first company in the world to sign long-term agreements with major merino wool producers, based on mutual trust and commitment to animal rights and the environment.

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    "Du kan gräva ner en av våra tröjor och efter ett par månader har den förmultnat. Det enda som finns kvar är dragkedjan, trådarna och storlekslappen i nacken."

    Per Swartling, Säljare, VerticalX (Icebreakers svenska agentur)

    Miljö: Alla plagg har en streckkod så det går att spåra från vilken farm just ditt plagg kommer från. 
    Återvinning: Merinoullen kan grävas ner i jorden och återvinns på så sätt.
    Djur: All merinoull är mulesingfri. Är medlemmar i ZQQE och New Zealand Association of Merino.

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